HH Around the World: Bermuda! (It's closer than you think!)

Posted on Aug 31, 2017
Melanie Elturk


A few months ago, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Bermuda with my girl Afia for a girls' weekend. It was a well-needed getaway!

Bermuda is a tiny island nation originally settled by stranded British settlers and later turned into a British naval base, so the island retains a lot of its Anglo influences to this day.

There's also a heavy Caribbean influence and the accent of Bermudians is *insane!* It's like nothing I've ever heard with a British and Caribbean twang and then a hint of the American accent - Afia and I would try and imitate it and failed miserably, lol.

We stayed at The Reefs, Bermuda's premier resort -- and it did not disappoint!

The views are some of the *best* on the island and the water and beach is of the cleanest and most beautiful I've ever seen (yes, better than Bali - by a long shot!). The colors actually reminded me of the Maldives, the turquoise hues give me all the *feels.*

It wasn't extremely hot so this light sweater and white jeans did the trick. I topped it off with my Viscose Woven Wrap in Sand ;)

The island is also known for its pristine pink sand beaches, with tiny flecks of the most beautiful pink coral scattered in the sand. Unforgettable!

What a beautiful contrast with the volcanic rock formations that make up much of Bermuda's coastline!

Best thing about Bermuda is it's super close if you live in the States - it was only an hour and a half flight from NYC! Most people thing it's down in the Caribbean but it's actually off the east coast of the Carolina's.

Bermuda is famous for its chill island vibes, but that didn't stop Afia and I from having some pretty epic adventures. Watch our travel vlog to hear us recount our *eventful* kayaking excursion!

This is the lagoon that Afia and I kayaked to - seriously - you *have* to watch the vlog below to hear the story of how we got there!

If you're looking for a quick weekend getaway - definitely be sure to check out Bermuda!

Have you been to Bermuda? Where did you go? Share your experience below!