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Hello, Future! The HH Ultimate Underscarf Is HERE

Posted on Aug 22, 2018
Haute Hijab Staff


Introducing the Ultimate Underscarf - relentlessly innovative, effortlessly versatile, and unbelievably comfortable.

When designing our first underscarf, we realized the existing, age-old design was desperate for innovation, so we got to work, sourcing the best fabrics out there to innovate the design of something vital to hijab-wearing women. This is the ultimate basic – and we needed to get it right. 

Smart Fiber

We partnered with award-winning fabric scientists at Pyratex® to develop a textile just for us. Made of bamboo and woven in Italy, each fiber is directly infused with skincare technology for built-in sun protection, anti-bacterial properties, superior breathability and a cooling effect you can literally feel.

The Ultimate Underscarf

Each fiber is directly infused with skincare technology. Features include:  

  • Temperature Regulating Fabric – provides a cooling effect on the skin that you can literally feel! 
  • Superior Breathability – hello haircare!
  • Anti Bacterial Properties – bye bye acne!
  • Solar Protection – with 50 UPF. Sun damage doesn't just affect your exposed affects your scalp as well! 

Hello, Future! 

We used this remarkable fabric to craft underscarves carefully designed to evenly distribute and contain your hair while providing a truly custom fit that feels weightless and secure – and never stifling.

We created the HH Ultimate Underscarf in 3 different designs to cover all your needs! SHOP NOW

At last, the underscarf you’ve been waiting for. Say hello to the future of hijab.

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