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Haute Hijab Joining #StopHateForProfit, a Facebook Advertising Blackout for July

Posted on Jun 26, 2020
Haute Hijab Staff


Dear Friends,

We at Haute Hijab are proud to answer the call of civil rights groups, including the NAACP and Color of Change, by joining the #StopHateForProfit campaign and pausing all Facebook advertising during the month of July. Between profiting off voter suppression among minorities, allowing content that incites violence against protesters fighting for racial justice, and not properly cleansing the platform of hate-speech, Facebook has made clear it prioritizes profit over protecting diverse communities on it’s platform.

In joining this campaign, we urge Facebook to take decisive action so the platform can no longer be used to spread misinformation and hate.

Stop Hate for Profit

As a brand, we have often been the victims of Islamophobic hate speech on Facebook. We have seen the ugly aspects of the platform and know how insidious they can be. It’s time Facebook solved this problem once and for all.

To be completely transparent, participating in this campaign will hurt Haute Hijab as a business far more than it will hurt Facebook’s bottom line. We rely on Facebook and Instagram for about 40 percent of our advertising revenue every month. That said, as a brand, as a community, and most importantly as human beings, we must put people over profit. As a brand fueled by Islamic principles, it is incumbent upon us to take action and address this growing threat to our community and others.

If you’d like to help as an individual to bring Facebook to task, here are a couple simple things you can do to participate:

1. Pressure the brands you buy from to participate in the boycott as well. The more that join, the more seriously Facebook will take this campaign.

2. Report hate speech each and every time you see it: On Facebook | On Instagram

We’ll do our part starting July 1st. Will you join in to help?

With strength and power,

Haute Hijab