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5 Fashion Tips to Help You Walk Your Graduation Stage in Style!

Posted on Jun 13, 2019
Guest Contributor


By Rowayda Kawji

Graduations are so incredibly special! They represent years of hard work, determination, struggles and achievements. Graduation is also a time when you are being celebrated by everyone - your friends and family, professors and peers, and anyone else watching you walk the stage. So naturally, what you choose to wear is important. You will want to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident but looks timeless and chic. Here are five tips to help you look beautiful under a graduation robe and, of course, when you take your robe off and celebrate!

1. Let Your Shoes Do the Talking

Flat shoes

Image source: @withloveleena

As you walk across the stage in your cap and gown, only three things will be on display: your snazzy new diploma, your beautiful face radiating with pride and, of course, your shoes. Why not go for a cute pair of heels with subtle embellishments, such as metallic detailing or a unique design? If heels aren’t for you - don’t worry! You can match your cap and gown to a stunning pair of flats. We love this very graduation-appropriate outfit and the way it’s paired with some unforgettable statement flats!

Get the look here: Exact Shoes | Shoes (Option 2) | Shoes (Option 3)

2. Keep it Streamlined and Cool

Satin blouse and satin hijab

Image source: @hakeemahcmb

The piece de resistance of any graduation outfit is the cap and gown so be careful that the outfit you choose to go under it is not bulky or lumpy. Avoid statement sleeves or blazers. Instead, opt for lightweight, flowy fabrics that will look neat under the gown and also keep you cool despite the layers. A great way to do this is to incorporate a satin blouse. Satin is an elegant fabric that is perfect for being dressed up for occasions like this, will be streamlined under your robe and will definitely keep you cool. Bonus points if you pair it with a satin hijab to really pull the whole look together.

Get the look here: Satin Blouse (Option 1) | Satin Blouse (Option 2) | Satin Hijab

3. Wide Leg Trousers For the Win

wide leg trousers

Image source: @summeralbarcha

Wide leg trousers provide the contrast that your flowy graduation gown definitely needs. They are flattering, beautiful and smart peeping out from under your gown. Choose a pair that is hemmed right below the ankle to show off your shoes or one that reaches the floor to elongate your legs (if you decide to wear heels). Pair with a chiffon hijab for a timeless, elegant look.

Get the look here: Trousers (Option 1) | Trousers (Option 2) | Chiffon Hijab

4. Structured Skirts

structured skirt

Image source: @fatima.b.ibrahim

Dresses and skirts in their many iterations make for beautiful modest outfits on any occasion. However, graduation is one situation in which structure is needed to provide more visual balance. Due to the long length of the graduation gown, a flowy maxi dress or skirt can look a little awkward, whereas a structured skirt that is non-flowy can be the perfect combination of modesty and balance.

Get the look here: Skirt (Option 1) | Skirt (Option 2) 

5. Perfect Your Low Bun

low bun and neutral hijabs

Image source: @styledbyduha

Ok, so you’ve figured out your outfit, your gown is ready and you’re about to head out - and you realize you’re not quite sure how to fit your cap over your hijab bun and still make your hijab look good. Don’t worry - as hijabis, we’ve all been there! Roll your hair into a low bun that starts right where the edge of the cap ends so that your cap won’t awkwardly cut into your bun. The elastic of the cap should keep it in place but if you want more security, you can use straight pins to pin the cap in place. Voila!

And to bring it all together - if you’re looking for an sophisticated but comfortable, no slip hijab, try a viscose or modal hijab in color complementary to your cap and gown! You could also choose a neutral, black or white color depending on what the dress code is for your occasion.

Get the look here: Viscose Hijab | Modal Maxi Hijab

We’re positive that you’ll pass “Dressing for Graduation 101” with flying colors, and we hope that you found these tips helpful and useful. Although your flawless outfit is sure to get many compliments, we know that your achievements and hard work will take center stage. Congrats grads!

What did you wear when you graduated? Or, what are you planning to wear? Share with us below!