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Silk Hijab FAQs - The Elegant Hijab You Didn't Know You Needed

Posted on Sep 20, 2019
Erin Smith


Ah, silk. Nature’s superthread. The softest of soft. The luxest of luxe. The fabric of choice for centuries of empresses, sultanas and queens. Since it was first invented more than 3,000 years ago, silk has been *that* fabric that just makes you feel ... fancy.

Silk hijabs are such a versatile and beautiful option, something you can use to dress up an outfit or elevate a casual ensemble. Maybe you’ve considered wearing silk. Maybe not, because you didn't know enough about it! I’ve gathered some of the biggest questions we get about our Essential Silk Hijabs and answered them below. Of course, everyone is different – this isn’t to say that everyone will like silk or will want to wear it. But if you’ve been wanting to try our silk chiffon hijabs and aren’t sure how to get started, read on for some tips!

Silk Hijabs

1. First of all, what’s the benefit of silk?

In a word – weightlessness. To give some context, the system for the weight of silk fabric is called “momme,” abbreviated as “mm.” It’s a unit based on how many pounds a 100-yard bolt of 45”-wide fabric weighs, so the higher the number, the thicker the silk. Silk sheets or robes are typically around 22mm, while silk twill hijabs (like our Heritage Collection) come in at 12mm. Our Essential Silk Hijabs are made of 6mm silk chiffon, which is about as light as it gets while still being durable. The result: It literally feels like you’re not wearing anything on your head.

As a natural fiber, silk is also an ideal choice for women who can’t wear synthetic fabrics for medical reasons or simply prefer not to. Its smooth, non-absorbent finish is also great for women with natural hairstyles who need something gentle and non-drying on their hair.

2. How do I keep it from being see-through? How do I prevent slipping?

Because our Essential Silk hijab is so barely-there, the fabric itself is very sheer. But, don’t panic! There are many ways to work it that give you the weightlessness of silk while still making sure you’re covered.

When it comes to silk, styling is everythinggggggg. Check out this tutorial by Melanie and Gizelle where they show you several ways to work silk in both square and rectangle styles.

As a general rule of thumb, these are the elements you want to have in a silk hijab style:

1. Some part of the style that folds – either in half, or by a few inches. This helps keep it from being too sheer.
2. Some part of the style that ties around the neck (or is held together with magnets). This prevents slippage.
3. An underscarf – BUT this doesn’t always apply. Read more below.

Essential Silk hijab

3. Do I need to wear an underscarf?

The short answer: probably. Not every silk hijab style needs an underscarf – a lot depends on exactly how it’s folded and how many times it wraps around. (For example, the square styles Melanie shows in the tutorial above do not necessarily need one.) That said, if you prefer looser styles or more drape, an underscarf is a good insurance policy and will help keep your scarf in place and hair from showing.

One of the things that makes our underscarves a great option is the closed back that covers and distributes your hair under your hijab. No dealing with your hair sticking out the back of a tube-style underscarf or looking lumpy under the light silk. Once wrapped, you’re good to go! Coverage right where you want it, and nothing extra to weigh you down.

4. How do I keep from snagging my silk?

Although silk itself is a strong fiber, the airy weave will snag if not secured properly. When you purchase one of our Essential Silk Hijabs, you also receive a pair of no-snag hijab magnets to use instead of more traditional hijab pins. There are also fine straight pins that are specifically designed for silk, which you can usually find at fabric stores.

Even better still, there are so many styles that don’t require pins at all! Styles that tie around the neck are a great option because they remain secure without extra fasteners – and they work beautifully with the light-as-air fabric.

5. How do I store my silk?

Easy peasy. Each Essential Silk Hijab comes with a microfiber dust bag to protect your scarf from dirt, insects and moisture. Simply fold and gently roll your silk hijab, place it in the dustbag, and store it in a cool, dry place.

If you’re not used to wearing silk hijabs, it might seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! I hope these tips can help you live your silk dreams with confidence.

Do you have one of our silk hijabs? Ever wanted to try one? Comment below with your questions!