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6 Decadent (or Comforting) Drink Recipes to Try in Our New HH Mugs!

Posted on May 06, 2020
Noor Suleiman


Our May touchpoint for our year-long 10th Anniversary celebration is officially here!! Introducing our first ever HH Merch – our Haute Hijab Mugs! You've seen these all over our office and in Melanie's instastories, and there's been so much demand for these! Well, now's your chance to have your very own limited edition HH Mug! 


In true HH fashion, it's a super sleek design – our logo on one side, and a fun little slogan on the other that reads: 

Warning, contents may be haute. 

To celebrate the release of our mugs, and because it's Ramadan (and who doesn't love to indulge after iftar?), we're sharing some decadent drink recipes for you to enjoy! I scoured the internet for the most delicious recipes and added in a few of my own faves ;)

Scroll through the gallery to see the recipes and enjoy! Don't forget to keep us in your du'as at iftar time!