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From the Editor's Desk – Tackling Politics, Spring Fashion & More in March

Posted on Mar 03, 2020
Dilshad Ali


As salaamu alaikum and hello everyone!

As the saying goes, “hope springs eternal,” and I’m determined to elevate hope as I brace myself for the challenges ahead this spring. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a tough time around the Ali household: Two of my children were sick with the flu and I was sick with everything but the flu in caring for them.

Like many of you, we’ve also been watching the spread of the coronavirus with concern. This is on top of other private and global concerns piling up – from the plight of Muslims (and humanity) in Rohingya, Syria, China, Palestine and even here in the West as election season starts to ramp up. But, I tell myself that I just cannot live in this forever state of doom and gloom. Allah (S) asked me (and you) to plant a tree, even if/when the Resurrection is upon us. So, to that end, let’s talk about what we are doing on the blog at Haute Hijab to plant our trees.

Dilshad Ali and Dr. Taruj Ali

Me and my husband after we gave our vote on Super Tuesday in Virginia.

Last month I told you about our “This is What America Looks Like'' campaign across our HH platforms, and Alhamdullilah it’s been going well! We’ve featured some powerhouse women on the blog, and we have more of that to come in March, including a focus from HH blog writer Nargis Rahman on Muslim women who have run or are running for local offices across the United States.

Blog writer Layla Abdullah-Poulos is also bringing you more fantastic interviews with some super strong and dynamic young Muslim women who are serving in elected capacities in their local governments. How cool is that? (As you read and hopefully share these stories on your own platforms, don't forget to use the hashtag #ThisIsWhatAmericaLooksLike.)

It’s important for us to recognize that we are in a stronger position than four years ago when Trump took office, and all the Muslims who ran for office are evidence of that. Blog writer Danah Shuli is putting together a reflection piece about her feelings when Trump was elected in 2016 (and she became a mom for the first time) versus now as we head into the 2020 elections. Suffice to say, we refuse to be pushed down.

On the fashion side of things, March heralds the coming of spring and with that, we will be talking about all the trends and colors that are fresh and trending on the runways and how that translates to our spring prints! Our fashion writer Rowayda Kawji will be showing you how and why even the most print-wary woman can and should give print hijabs a try!

And finally, because we all need some joy and fun in our lives, I’m SO EXCITED to be interviewing Yes I’m Hot in This author and graphic artist Huda Fahmy about her upcoming new book, That Can Be Arranged, which chronicles her journey in love and marriage! My daughter, my younger son and I all just lapped up the review copy I received last week, and you are going to love this book!

Let’s keep planting those trees, ya’ll! We need to. Go out and vote today and in upcoming elections, especially the general election this coming November! And like I tell my kids all the time, may we all be good, make good choices and say Bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-raheem.

Editorially yours,