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Four Stylish and Functional Bags for the Mom on the Go!

Posted on Mar 06, 2020
Guest Contributor


By Sammer Zehra

The modern Muslim woman’s daily life is chock full of various responsibilities and activities from when she opens her eyes to when she goes to bed. Maybe you’re hopping on a train to head to work or school or loading up a minivan of kiddos for morning drop-off before heading to the gym. Each day brings opportunities and challenges, and having the right bag to haul your (and your kid/baby’s) stuff around helps getting through the day that much easier and better!

Finding a beautiful and functional bag that can handle your work and personal items as well as all everything you may need to carry for your kiddos is not easy. So, we’ve scoured boutiques and the internet to bring you four stylish and functional bags and products that will accommodate to all the different hats/hijabs you wear!

Do you have a favorite bag for work/kids? Comment below!