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Eid Activities & Decorations For Teenagers by Rana From Eid Creations

Posted on Jun 12, 2017
Guest Contributor


When you join Muslim mom social media forums about Ramadan and Eid, you get ideas galore about DIY projects, recipes, decorations, and activities. But they are all meant to get children engaged during Ramadan and Eid. Getting young children to love Ramadan and Eid has always been a quest of mine, so much so, that I launched a party supply company called Eid Creations back in 2012. I also wrote many articles about ideas on how to transform Eid into a festive event that will stay ingrained in your child’s memory. But now as my girls have turned into teenagers, I'm noticing the excitement dwindle away. Those happy kids who used to get excited about little things are now teenage girls who are hard to impress. I did not make much of it at first, as I was hoping that this would be a temporary stage that will wane as they get older, but I got a reality check when I came across numerous comments from Muslim moms of teens expressing the same grievance. So I brainstormed some ways to make teenagers excited for Ramadan and Eid.

Generation X like to share their lives with their friends - and quite frankly the entire world through social media - so who would want to see frowning faces on the eve of Eid? They're also very territorial, and most of their territory is confined to their bedroom. I figured instead of visiting families and going to parties to get henna done, why not try to invite their friends from school to an Eid Eve sleepover party.

Needless to say, my girls signed on to the idea without even moaning which is unheard of at this age! The thought of limiting their polite socialization to Eid day was the answer to their prayers, and without any delays, they snap chatted their girlfriends and the Eid Eve sleepover was on!

Now many more traditional friends of mine may disagree with this approach, but let me justify my reasoning: First, by having their friends over, our girls get to introduce Eid to their non-Muslim friends who are often oblivious to our holiday, since teenagers tend not to share what is outside of the norm. Second, they get to feel pride in their holiday as they thoughtfully decorate their territory with their teenage touch and not an imposed mommy touch, which is usually seen spread out from the front door to every empty nook and cranny in the living and dining rooms. I know how much that statement will irk most of us who turn into proud interior designers during the month of Ramadan, but the reality is our taste does not appeal to teens any longer. Lastly, at this age, they just mechanically attend the traditional functions without much enthusiasm, so what is the use? Sure they will one day understand the significance of what we tried to accomplish and would do the same with their own children, but by then years would have elapsed, so why not let them enjoy the present?

Here are two ideas for integrating Eid into a teenager’s life.

For The Older Teen/Young Adult:

Black, white and gold fan sets are in this year. Chances are they will opt for such color schemes; with this age group minimalism is key!

Printed 'Happy Eid' pajamas or pillow cases are a great option, and they are teenager approved!

For the rest of the night, let them do what they do best: chat, take selfies or read.

They can even bake cupcakes if you have succeeded in imparting that tradition with them throughout the years.

Some more proactive teens would love to try on their Eid outfits and share them with their friends. Others will pack Eid gifts to distribute to their friends the next day!

No matter what your teen is like, you will finally notice a smile on her face because she is expressing herself in her own independent way!

For The Younger Teens:

They may still like color and acting goofy with balloon tossing, pillow fighting, and of course documenting it all with their smartphones! For them, the more props and decorations, the merrier.

Printed sleepwear can work well with them too, as well as balloons, streamers, pom-poms, and banners!

Painted letter DIY made solely by them for a change can be a fun activity.

Then, just let them do their own thing.

Decorated Eid rooms are a great idea to get teens excited for Eid. If your teen gets inspired or you're a teen/young adult yourself or even if you are a teen at heart, please share your decorated rooms by tagging @eidcreations for a chance to win free decorations for next Eid! 

To find the decor pictured in the images, visit our website, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter for more decor inspiration! 

What are some ways your teens get excited for Eid? Let us know in the comments below!