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Community Corner - Haute Hijab Partnered With Texas and California Masajid in March!

Posted on Apr 05, 2019
Noor Suleiman


Look out, Haute Hijab Fam! We may be coming soon to your neck of the woods!

Haute Hijab is partnering with mosques around the country, and we couldn’t be happier that the first two we’ve worked with this year are Muslim Community Association (MCA) in Santa Clara, California and Valley Ranch Islamic Center (VRIC) in Irving, Texas! This past March we sponsored an event at these masajid - here are some of the events we were part of. :)

Muslim Community Association - Women’s Conference


The Muslim Community Association (MCA) Women’s Committee presented their 12th Annual Women’s Conference this year on March 22-23, pulling in around 300 attendees. The theme was "Balance for Better" – an exploration of how to find equilibrium in a messy world by utilizing gems of knowledge from the Islamic tradition. This topic was explored throughout the conference via lectures, workshops and activities presented by a diverse and educated group of speakers.

Haute Hijab is proud to have sponsored this conference - and some lucky guests won some beautiful HH’s! We truly love working with MCA (this is our second year in a row)!

Valley Ranch Islamic Center - Mother-Daughter Tea Party


VRIC held their 6th annual Mother-Daughter Tea Party the same weekend MCA held their women’s conference - talk about a power weekend for Muslim women! The Tea Party is one of VRIC's most popular events - it sells out every year, Mashallah!  They hosted the event at a quaint tea room with bohemian, French-inspired decor, making it an intimate and beautiful bonding experience for the mothers and daughters. Best of all, each woman received a special gift from Haute Hijab. ;)


Where will you see us next? Look out for information about our first in-person HH event happening soon ... and as for Ramadan, well, keep your eye on the blog! You'll just have to wait and see :)