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Feminine, Swinging, Soulful and Excellent! Styling Accessories Through the Decades

Posted on Jan 24, 2020
Guest Contributor


By Rowayda Kawji

One of the first things I learned about fashion is that it repeats and recycles itself often. Designers are always drawing inspiration from iconic fashion trends from past decades, so what’s to stop us from doing the same? And for Muslim women who wear hijab, accessories are a fun, exciting and easy way to dress up or bring more interest to your outfit!

Anything you bring additional to your outfit is an accessory  think jewelry, shoes, purses, sunglasses, even the scrunchies you may wear on your wrist! We’ve created mood boards of accessories through the decades to turn any ensemble into a decade-inspired look. So if you’re a lover of vintage fashion, select your favorite decade and start collecting accessories that will give your outfits a glamorous blast from the past!

Fifties Feminine

Vintage Glam and the Fifties

The 1950s was all about femininity and glamour, so Haute Hijab Heritage Silks and Essential Silk Hijabs pair perfectly with feminine accessories like pearls, Mary Jane heels and vintage satchel bags.

Get the look: Hijab | Bag | Shoes

Swinging Sixties

Vintage Glam and the Sixties

The “mod” look of the 1960s was focused on slim and kicky silhouettes and bold colors. For a look that screams ‘60s, pair white boots and round, white sunglasses for a go-go girl look! A square hijab from the Heritage Silk collection compliments a bold, top-handle bag perfectly.

Get the Look: Hijab | BagBoots | Sunglasses

Soulful Seventies

Vintage glam seventies

No decade embraced the boho aesthetic as much as the 1970s. The paisley of the Bohemian Palace chiffon hijab matches so well with the chunky platform heels and hobo bag that are quintessential ‘70s. Add a statement ring or beaded necklace and some large, square, lightly tinted sunglasses for the ultimate ‘70s look.

Get the Look: Hijab | Bag | Shoes | Sunglasses | Ring

Excellent Eighties

Vintage Glam and the Eighties

The era of big shoulder pads and neon everything, the 1980s revolutionized athleisure. Start with a hijab in a bright color such as the Pistachio modal. Make sure to lace into some dad-shoes and don’t forget long, athletic socks. Aviators complete the look, and if you really want to drive home the ‘80s vibe, layer a couple of neon scrunchies on your arm before heading out the door.

Get the Look: Hijab | Sunglasses | Shoes | Scrunchies

What are your favorite accessories to compliment your look? Share with us in the comments below!