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More than 600 Hijabs Donated from Our BOGO Ramadan Hijab Sale!

Posted on Jun 03, 2019
Erin Smith


In the spirit of Ramadan, we were so excited to run our Buy One, Give One campaign for the second year in a row! The premise is simple – for every hijab purchased on the last Tuesday of Ramadan, we are donating a hijab to one of five Muslim women’s shelters all across the United States.

Malika MacDonald, ICNA Relief

Malika MacDonald, National Director of ICNA Relief Women's Transitional Housing program

One of the best parts of this year’s BOGO campaign was seeing the way our community responded – by the end of Tuesday, we had reached a total of 620 hijabs to donate! So many of you reached out to let us know how excited you were to participate. One customer even asked to have her entire order also donated – amazing!

Why Muslim women’s shelters? Women experiencing domestic violence, homelessness or other difficulties may find themselves in need of temporary housing. The five shelters we’re donating hijabs to include three run by ICNA Relief USA and two that are independently run. Shelters like the ones we support provide a safe place to stay, as well as access to resources from counseling to finance courses to legal help to help them navigate whatever difficulties they are going through. As a brand, it’s our goal to create a world where every woman feels comfortable and confident, so supporting organizations like these in their important work is a no-brainer!

Hijab Makes Me Feel Tote bags

The giving doesn’t end when Eid is over, though – and it goes beyond donating hijabs. We’ll also be providing continuous support for women in need through our Hijab Makes Me Feel tote bags! A portion of the proceeds from every tote bag sale will go directly to support ICNA Relief Women's Transitional Housing programs, providing much-needed safe haven, counseling, job training, and more to help women in need get back on their feet.

These totes make great work bags, beach carry-alls, gym bags, anytime bags and gifts for friends and loved ones, all while spreading positive messages about hijab to the world around us!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Buy One, Give One campaign! Eid Mubarak to you all! :)