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Looking to Make New Friends? Here are Some Hijabs We'd Like You to Meet!

Posted on Sep 11, 2019
Erin Smith


It’s back to school time! At Haute Hijab Academy for the World’s Most Powerful Women, we’re getting ready for another amazing year. Looking to make some friends? We have some girls you need to meet!


Jersey Hijab

Image source: Fatima @fatima.b.ibrahim

Jersey is the girl in school who’s somehow friends with *everyone.* Whether starring in the school musical or tearing it up on the basketball court, we’re in awe of how she seems to be able to do it all.


Chiffon Hijab

Image source: Lauleh @adayinthelalz

Student body president, straight-A student and future valedictorian – when it comes to getting things done in style, few can hold a candle to Chiffon. Time is of the essence, so when she’s getting ready she reaches for a wrinkle-resistant hijab that’s always sleek and polished, just like her.


Viscose Hijab

Image source: Monica @salamgirlpodcast

The quintessential girl next door, Viscose is equal parts strong and soft – she’s just as at home working hard in class as she is kicking back with friends. Known for her laid-back, breezy vibe, it’s pretty much impossible not to like her.


Chiffon Print Hijabs

Image source: Mariah @mariahidrissi

A world traveller, accomplished artist and speaker of multiple languages – and that’s just scratching the surface. Prints dazzles the world with her love of color and eye for variety. You never quite know what to expect with Prints, but whatever it is, it’s sure to be fun!


Silk Hijabs

Image source: Garima Parnami @gparnami

The dreamer of the group, Silk may seem *fancy* but she’s surprisingly down to earth – a nature girl at heart. When she’s not in class, you’ll most likely find her outside convening with nature or just enjoying the fresh air with a good book.

Modal Maxi

Modal Maxi Hijab

Image source: Noor @noore

Warm and comforting, Modal Maxi is the one that just has a knack for lifting the spirits of those around her – her friends know her as the “mom” of the group. She’s a go-with-the-flow kind of girl who’s ready for anything.


Satin hijab

Image source: Hoda @watshoodie

She’s beauty, and she’s grace. Satin shines in every way. Known as the glamorous one of the group, she lives for style and loves to express herself through bold colors and luxurious textures. But don’t be fooled – she’s anything but superficial! Once you get to know her you’ll discover she’s a total softie.

During this back-to-school time of year, let us take care of your hijab game so you can focus on changing the world! Oh, and don’t forget one of our HH Tote Bags for a Cause to show off your hijabi pride while carrying all your essentials!

So who’s your favorite fabric of the group? Let us know in the comments!