Africa Made You Rich - Spoken Word By Mariah Idrissi

Posted on Jul 17, 2017
Guest Contributor


Africa Made You Rich initially just started off as a poem I wrote that was inspired by an incredible TEDx talk led by Mallence Bart Williams. I wrote poetry and performed for most of my teen years but took a break when I started university because I just didn’t have the time. After hearing Mallence speak so passionately and eloquently, something took over me, and I felt the urge to express myself through poetry again.

As a woman born in the UK but of mixed heritage (Moroccan and Pakistani), I related to the misrepresentation of Africa and felt as though I’ve done very little to improve this. As a model and speaker, I feel as though my platform needs to be used to promote positivity beyond fashion and beauty.

I have been studying the history of Islam in Africa under a friend for a few years now and incorporated some of what I've learned into the poem. History is always going to be a controversial subject, but unless we understand and speak about it freely, we will struggle to progress in the future. I’ve always liked to confront a situation and deal with it rather than sweep it under the rug. Africa Made You Rich is my way of confronting a situation that many people may choose to ignore for fear of it affecting their livelihood. When we begin to fear accepting and spreading the truth, we become an oppressed nation.

Africa Made You Rich is not a message targeted at any particular demographic; it’s a message to all. A message to educate those who have been fed this misrepresentation of Africa and a message to empower those who have been misrepresented. What started as a poem inspired by an amazing talk is now growing into an international campaign, beyond what I had initially planned. I must say, I am extremely grateful to the Most High for the opportunities and experiences I have had on this journey and to all those around me (you know who you are) who have supported me and this project right from the start.

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Peace and Love,

Mariah Idrissi

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