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Introducing our New 'It Girl' - Farah Jalloul!

Posted on Jul 12, 2013
Melanie Elturk



My name is Farah; most people know me as Farah Jay. I recently turned 22 in May. I am Lebanese but I was born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan where I currently reside in my parent’s home. I have two sisters and one brother. I graduated with my first bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University when I was 20. It was such a rewarding accomplishment! After graduating, I applied to Nursing School and I started working as a substitute teacher during my free time until I started my program.

Modesty is the most important thing to me. My main goal is to be fashionable yet stay modest at the same time.  A lot of girls struggle with feeling beautiful while wearing a hijab because they feel like it takes away from their true beauty; but in my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than being modest. When I was younger, my sisters and I would buy tops that other girls would wear as dresses and pair them up with pants and accessories. Growing up in a conservative family, we were always required to wear knee length clothes, and wouldn’t wear anything that exposed our bodies too much. My mom still complains about the way I dress sometimes; I’ve learned that long shirts equals happy moms, hahaha.

A lot of people ask me where I get my fashion inspiration. I don’t really get my inspiration from anyone in specific; I simply wear whatever I find fashionable and modest and hope it inspires hijabis as well as non-hijabis. One of the sweetest comments that I’ve read was left to me by a girl who said: “Your sense of style is sensational. You’re an inspiration to ALL women, not just Muslims, in that you demonstrate that you can be on trend without compromising modesty. Truly admirable.” If anything, it’s the feedback that I get from these girls that inspires me to seek fashionable, yet modest looks.

On a boring summer day in 2011, I randomly signed up for a Tumblr account. A lot of girls from around the world started following my blog, and I just found myself increasingly using it and posting my pictures. So many girls were leaving me amazing feedback about my style and the way I dress, which really encouraged me to share my fashion ideas to inspire others. At first, I made a blogspot but found tumblr to be easier; I am really busy with school most of the time, and writing blogspot posts was so time consuming that I couldn't keep up with it. I found it much easier and faster to share my fashion sense by posting my pictures on Tumblr. Now I actively use my Instagram where I share my outfit inspirations.

I am very excited to be Haute Hijab's new 'It Girl' and can't wait to show my outfit inspirations with you featuring Haute Hijab's awesome products! Take a look at my latest video on Vine, featuring the Head over Heels, Arrowhead Trail and Candy Cane wraps!