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Introducing: Haute Hijab 'It Girl' Danyah Wafa!

Posted on Feb 11, 2013
Guest Contributor



Danyah in the Striped Licorice Scarf


Salaam everyone! My name is Danyah and I’m 23 years old. I was born and raised in the Midwest and now live in Indiana. I’m currently working in health insurance before applying to graduate school for my masters in health administration inshAllah. I started wearing hijab in the summer of 2009. I always had hijab in the back of my mind growing up. I planned on wearing it, but I just wasn’t sure when. I had no immediate intention of wearing hijab that year, but feel so blessed to have made the decision to. Near the end of that summer spent in Chicago, I suddenly began asking myself why I was so hesitant to wear hijab. I knew it was asked of our women, there are benefits to wearing it, and it brings us closer to our Creator and deen. But similar to the struggle of many, my fear of people preceded my fear of God. Once I realized that, it all clicked.

I believe that wearing hijab is a very personal decision between you and your Lord. I wanted to be sure I was ready because I knew with it comes a heavy, but privileged, responsibility. After engaging more intuitively with my beautiful, outgoing, fun and stylish friends who wear hijab, I realized I can express myself just the same with hijab and decided to start my journey in hijab, alhamdulillah. I love fashion and always enjoyed working my own styles. Hijab would not hinder that -- in fact it would add another clothing item I could style. That’s why I love Haute Hijab so much! It has been the perfect place to find all the latest styles and prints, fashion tips for outfits, and ideas for making hijab work in so many different ways. 

Haute Hijab is not only my go-to resource for staying stylish, but serves to continuously strengthen me as a blossoming, confident hijabi. Seeing so many beautiful girls working their hijabs so well is an inspiration to me, and it is an honor to share my own styles with hijabis around the world! I hope that Haute Hijab will have the same effect on so many other girls as it continues to have on me, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

You can check Danyah out on instagram @dmwafa, on pinterest on her Haute Hijab 'It Girl' board as well as polyvore! We'll also be bringing you the latest from our new 'it girl' right here on our blog, facebook and instagram!