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A Hijabi's Guide on How to Wear Neck Scarves with Hijab!

Posted on Jan 27, 2013
Melanie Elturk


Recently, we received the following question from Farhana Q:  

"I have a styling question: I love wearing shawls/scarves around my neck as an accessory. But how can I wear a shawl/scarf around my neck with a hijab on my head without looking bulky like I have a million layers on and I have a cast around my neck? Help!"

Great question Farhana, and one that I receive all the time! As far as avoiding the bulk - let the focus be the neck scarf. If you're used to wearing big, voluminous hijabs, a neck scarf might be overkill. Keep the hijab style simple and feel free to experiment with infinity scarves, pashminas, snoods and other winter scarf favorites! I've compiled some personal photos with explanations to help give you some inspiration!



1) Solid Hijab + Printed Neck Scarf

This is the most foolproof way to pull off a neck scarf with hijab. The solid hijab doesn't distract from the busy leopard infinity scarf, which takes center stage. This would also work with a solid colored neck scarf and printed hijab. Just be sure the solid color compliments the colors in the print! 





2) Keep the Colors in the Same Family

Here, I was able to pull off this thick knit snood by keeping all the colors in the same family. The creamy pink snood, cream sweater, blush pink necklace and cream and pink hijab tie everything together. I especially love these snoods because, if they're big enough, you can loop it around your neck or put one side over your shoulder for a dreamy look!




3) Print on Print

This is probably the hardest look to pull off and still look polished. For the printed hijab and printed neckscarf, follow the rules outlined in How to Wear a Printed Hijab with a Printed Top, namely, wear something solid to balance out the prints, keep prints in the same plane and keep colors in the same family. Here, this neck scarf works because the tones and shapes within each scarf are not only similar, but complimentary. I used a square scarf, folded it to create a triangle, draped the triangle over my chest and wrapped both sides around my neck and back down to the front. (I tucked the two strands in the front under the scarf).


4) Break Up the Prints

For this outfit I used the same square scarf as above, but looped it around to emulate a snood or infinity scarf. The leopard hijab and abstract print in the neck scarf are both pretty bold so I broke up the two prints with the turtleneck. The turtleneck peeking through helps with print over-kill as the solid cream color gives just enough balance to harmonize the two prints.





5) Let Your Hijab Double as Your Neck Scarf

Why fuss with neck scarves when your hijab can double as your neck scarf! This works best with large pashmina's and wraps. When pinning your hijab, make sure one side is longer than the other and wrap that side around your neck and back to the front. Adjust until you get the look you're going for!




6) Trust Your Gut

There are no technical rules for this look, which proves that if you like something and think it looks good - go with it! I love the way the Chocolate and Roses Scarf accents the kelly green cardi but needed a little extra coverage so this black and white neck scarf was the perfect accent! Bottom line - trust your gut and don't forget to work it with confidence and a smile :)



 7) Ascots anyone?

Ok, so this isn't technically a Winter scarf, but while we're on the subject, I really love incorporating these cute little scarves into my wardrobe with a sophisticated ascot. You can also tie the ends into a cute bow instead of tucking the scarf in for a more fun, playful look!




Need inspiration on how to tie your Winter neck scarves? I'm sure you've already seen Wendy's iconic video, 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes but I go back and watch it every so often to get fresh idea's. Enjoy! 


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