How to Beat the Heat + Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Posted on Jun 03, 2012
Melanie Elturk


With record-breaking heat indexes before the official start of Summer, we're gearing up for a long, hot Summer! Read on for our tips on How to Beat the Heat and Haute Hijab's Summer Wardrobe Essentials to keep you cool until Fall.


1) Wear breathable, natural fabrics - natural fibers are key. Avoid synthetic fabrics and stick to cottons, linen and silk. Be careful with lightweight fabrics - although silk feels like nothing on your skin, if you're likely to sweat, it will show. Prints are more likely to cover up unsightly spots.

2) Avoid layering - as a hijab wearing woman, you've likely mastered the art of layering, so if you must layer, stick to cotton tees. Long sleeve knee-length dresses, silk tops and tunics are great options to avoid the bulk.

3) Stay away from tight clothing - not only is tight clothing immodest, it also makes you very hot. Give your skinnies a break and stick to loose, flowing fabrics. Maxi dresses, long flowy skirts and palazzo pants are excellent choices. 

4) Choose a lightweight hijab - if you wear an undercap under your hijab, be sure it's 100% cotton. Save your satins and other thicker fabrics for cooler days. Stick to simple styles and the fewer pins the better. Make sure your hair is pinned up under your hijab to keep cool.

5) Stay protected - the best piece of advice is to make sure you're drinking lots of water. Keep face wipes with you to freshen up during the day. Also be sure to protect your eyes from the sun with sunglasses that shield UV rays in addition to applying SPF daily. When the heat is at its peak, try to stay indoors or at least in the shade!

Have fun this Summer and if you have an idea for a How-To blog post, e-mail us at blog@hautehijab.com!