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A Hijabi's Guide on How to Work a Maxi Dress with Hijab

Posted on May 05, 2012
Melanie Elturk



In recent years, maxi dresses have become a hijabi's best friend, but there are definitely right and wrong ways to wear a maxi. Read on for the 3 golden rules to make a maxi work!

1)  Fabric is Key

Choose a maxi in a free-flowing fabric like silk, chiffon, linen, crepe or georgette. Avoid body-hugging fabrics like jersey and anything with enough stretch to hug your curves. While the long length may seem modest, a maxi in a body-hugging fabric can defeat the purpose of the longer length by revealing your figure. Here are a few great maxi's in beautiful fabrics.

        Topshop                      Theory                    Warehouse               Emilio Pucci

2) Choose a Structured Top to Balance out the Flowing Fabric

The best top to cover-up is a structured shape that balances the voluminous silhouette of the maxi. Cardigans are a great pair, but more structured tops like a leather jacket, jean jackets and even structured blazers are a better choice to offset the free flowing dress.

     Jean Jacket                             Leather Jacket                                Blazer

 3) Choose the Right Hijab

Choosing the right hijab for your maxi ensemble is probably the toughest part of making the whole look work. You'll need a hijab large enough to give you enough coverage in the front, if you're not wearing a t-shirt under the maxi. Next, if your maxi is printed, you'll need to find the perfect hijab that complements the print, whether solid or printed. Be sure to read our HH Style Guide on how to wear prints on prints for more on how to choose the perfect hijab! 

Here are the structured jackets and hijabs we chose that compliment each maxi dress to perfection!

How do you work your maxi dress? Send us your photo's to Remember, we offer free expert style advice. Feel free to contact us at anytime with your fashion inquiries!