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HH Style Guide: How to Wear a Printed Hijab with a Printed Top!

Posted on Apr 26, 2012
Melanie Elturk



Recently, we received the following question: "As'salaamualaikum, any tips on wearing multiple prints without looking like an explosion of different patterns? Anything to avoid? Thanks!" There is definitely a right and wrong way to wear a printed hijab with a printed top - read on to learn how!

1) Wear Something Solid to Balance out the Prints

Featured: Pink Persian Scarf & HH Luxe Ruby Rose Scarf

This is the first rule of thumb, and all of the outfits here follow this rule. Either of these prints would work with this printed floral dress because the solid collared shirt breaks up the prints from looking overdone. If this dress was long sleeved, the prints would overpower one another.

2) Keep the Prints in the Same Plane

Featured: Striped Licorice Scarf

Pairing geometrical shapes like stripes and polka dots together (or abstract with abstract, see below) in your top and hijab are a great way to pull off print on print. Notice how the black blazer breaks up the prints from looking too loud. 

3) Keep the Colors in the Same Family

Featured: Ottoman Star Scarf & Knockout Scarf

Keeping the colors in the same family alleviate print overload and keep things looking polished. Notice how I combined the first 2 tips with the abstract shapes in the same plane, and the solid colored cardigan to break up the prints.

4) Add a Solid Pop of Color to Distract from the Prints

Featured: Sail Away With Me Scarf

The bright yellow not only compliments navy with perfection, it keeps the navy in both the blazer and the scarf from looking too boring. The solid top also serves to break up the prints, but in this print-on-print combination, color is key.

5) Don't be Afraid to be Bold!

Featured: Violet Empire Scarf & Candy Land Scarf

Some of this Spring's hottest trends include bold prints like paisley, floral and polka dot. Don't be afraid to experiment print-on-print with these gorgeous trends, just follow the rules outlined above and of course snag a matching Haute Hijab!

Do you have a great print-on-print outfit that worked effortlessly? Send it to us at!