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5 Ways to Style Your Haute Hijab or Wrap as an Accessory

Posted on Dec 11, 2018
Haute Hijab Staff


Sure, Haute Hijab products are beautiful and comfortable to wear as hijabs. But they also make great accessories that can elevate anyone's fashion game, whether Muslim or not! Looking for new ways to accessorize your HH? Check out these awesome tips and styles!

1. As a Purse Accessory

A scarf tied to a the base of the handles on a purse is such a pretty way to add pop of color to a neutral handbag and elevate your outfit.

Photo Credit: 9to5Chic

HH product: Any Print or Satin 

Scarf accessory on a purse


2. As a Headband

Take a printed square, roll it up and tie it sleekly around your head. Or, try a longer rectangle scarf and angle your knot at the base of your neck and let the ends flutter!

Photos credit: Cosmopolitan  

HH product: Silks, Prints, Satins

3. As a Cute Bow

A jaunty bow tied around the neck can help keep you warm and brighten your wardrobe in these chilly winter days and nights.

Photo of Lily Collins in a silk pink scarf tied into a bow.

HH product: Silks in Square

Scarves as bows

4. As a Neck Scarf

Take a print, silk or even satin scarf and tie it loosely around your neck with the ends hanging down in a look that is effortless and playful!

Photo credit to Gal Meets Glam

HH product: Any Print or Satin preferably in Square

Neck Scarves

5. As a Belt

Why wear a boring brown or black belt when you can loop a pretty scarf around your waist? It's a great way to bring some interest to a monochromatic or neutral outfit, or even bring a little polish to a simple jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble!

Victoria Beckham wearing a scarf as a belt

HH products: Silks and Prints

Scarves as belts

What do you think of these looks? Questions about how to style our hijabs as scarves? We offer expert style advice