The Power of Hijab

Posted on Oct 13, 2011
Melanie Elturk


Recently, we featured a hijab giveaway asking you to tell us about your journey with hijab. Reading through all the entries we noticed one common theme laced throughout every single response - the power of hijab. In one way or another, hijab has empowered all of you. 

"Hijab has given me the power 

to be who I really wanted to be all this time. 

A confident individual." 

Whether it's the realization that you are now an ambassador for Islam or that wearing the hijab naturally keeps you away from immorality that you might otherwise be exposed to, each of you found the power of hijab in your own personal ways.  

"I really felt I was able to teach others about Islam without even having to necessarily say anything."

Hijab gave you the power to strengthen your faith. It gave you the power to let go of the illusions of this world. It gave you confidence.

"I'm confident that in not showing my legs, not showing my hair or even wearing ounces of make-up on my face that my true noor [light] of Islam will shine through."

The power of hijab is immeasurable. It affects each of you in individually profound ways unique to you and your own personal struggle. It's the answer you've been looking for. 

"As I read [the Quran], the verses on modesty that are correlated with hijab stuck out to me. I started to feel that, rather than being obligated to wear hijab, I wanted to wear it as a reminder for myself and a way to feel even more connected and devoted to God." 

Everyone's journey with hijab is different. "Alhamdulilah it has been one year since I started wearing hijab..." "I just started wearing hijab this Tuesday..." "I'm planning to wear the hijab insha'Allah..." "I've been wearing hijab since the 5th grade..."

"What I love about hijab...is the sense of belonging it gives me. I KNOW I am a Muslim but now OTHERS know I am a Muslim."  


Wherever you are in your journey with hijab, if at all, know that the power it gives you transcends all social constructs of race, age, class and other distinctions we apply to ourselves. Hijab knows no boundaries.

"Hijab, honestly, gave me back my power. I can, with strong conviction walk through a public area and be proud to be Muslim and wear Islam on my sleeve." 

We pray you continue to find the strength in hijab and use the power it gives you to be the confident, strong women you were meant to be.