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5 Great Ideas for Organizing Your Hijabs

Posted on Jun 15, 2011
Melanie Elturk


Not too long ago, we asked for your ideas on hijab storage - creative and inventive ways of keeping all your hijabs organized and within reach. The response was overwhelming and we were delighted to see all the creative ideas to organize hijabs. Thanks for all the input, pictures and responses! Here are the top five ideas to organize your hijabs, provided by you, in no particular order!

1) Ikea Komplement Hanger

This multi-purpose hanger was recommended by many of you. It's great because it can be used for scarves, belts, necklaces, and any other accessory you need within reach. Simply loop the scarves around the circles to ensure clean and fuss-free storage. It can hold up to 28 scarves.


2) Over-The-Door Towel Hanger

The towel hanger is great because it hangs over the door of a walk-in closet or inside the bathroom without the clutter. The scarves hang free on the racks and can be organized by size, color or material. 

3) Huggable Hangers Tie/Belt Hanger

This hanger can be used for scarves as easily as it can be used for ties and belts. Try a few of them and organize by color or texture. Each hanger can store up to 12 scarves, so multiple hangers will be needed. 

4) Real Simple Swing Arm Pant Hangers

These pant hangers are great because they swing open and provide easy access to all your scarves. You can easily fit your entire collection of hijabs on just a few of these hangers that effortlessly fit into your closet. 



5) Merrick Over the Door Shoe Rack

This shoe rack is perfect for storing your hijabs behind a door. You can easily store over 50 hijabs with this clean and organized method!

Special thanks to all our fans who sent in pictures and ideas! We hope you try these creative storage ideas and let us know which method works for you! If you have other ideas, please share them in the comment section below or contact us. We love hearing from you!