HH Style Guide: 6 Ways to Wear Your HH Scarf or Wrap as an Accessory

Posted on Mar 14, 2011
Melanie Elturk


Not only are HH scarves and wraps great for hijabs - they make amazing accessories! Looking for new ways to accessorize your HH? Read on for some great tips and styles!

1) Splashes of Color

Tired of neutrals and dark winter colors? Scarves are a great way to add a pop of color to any basic outfit.


2) Long and Loose

Not sure exactly how to tie the square scarves? Don't tie it at all and let the ends hang loose! Check out this square scarf style favorite of Rachel Bilson.


3) The Ascot

Square scarves have seen an updated version of the ascot. You can tuck the scarf into an open shirt or jacket, or let it hang over your top! Simply fold the square scarf into a triangle, lay the triangle on top of your chest and wrap both ends around your neck, bring them back to the front, and tie under the triangle or let them hang loose. (Yes, that's me rocking an ascot!)


4) 70's Inspired Neck Tie

The 2013 runways had the 70's written all over them. Try a throwback scarf look like Claudia Schiffer by rolling your square scarf and tying both ends together close to your neck. Let the ends hang loose. 


5) Scarf as Purse Accessory

What greater way to spruce up your bag than to tie a scarf to it! Tie your scarf to the base of the handle on your purse to add a little something extra to your ensemble. 


6) Freestyle

Feeling the bohemian, west coast style? To complete this look, don't think about it - just throw it on and go!


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