The Road Ahead

Posted on Jan 03, 2011


As we bring in the New Year and 2010 comes to a close, I find myself not only looking ahead but also reflecting on the past year and how far we’ve come from the simple idea that was born over dinner. For the past month, we’ve worked very hard at presenting the scarves you see on this site. As I sift through the different patterns, shapes and textures I think about the woman who will ultimately wear the scarf I toss into my “yes” pile, or what name I’ll come up with for the stunning red and black silk scarf I’m dying to keep for myself. The comfort of shopping at vintage stores combined with the element of surprise with each scarf I pick up makes the task easy. 

As chief designer, I also simultaneously work on the clothing line to be launched this spring. Design is the most critical aspect of any clothing line and ours is no exception. Great design can elevate and endure for generations. Knowing this, we scrutinize over every detail and push each design to the limit. We are in the unique position of designing clothes that are not only fashionable but value conscious. Creating the perfect balance between a gorgeous garment that also happens to be modest is when I know we’ve got it right.


I would like to reiterate our appreciation to everyone for your continued support and excitement. Designing for conscientious people is both gratifying and challenging. We aim to exceed expectations and break new ground. Our clothing is meant to address a need for people of all faiths and many walks of life, where clothing has become too overburdened with consumerism and iconography at the expense of good design or positive thinking. Rather than insulting your intelligence, we believe you are just as eager as we are to start a brand that challenges these old ways of thinking about fashion. We are your brand. 

In the coming months we welcome your continued support and feedback. We love hearing from you,

Melanie Elturk
Chief Designer and CEO