The day we've all been waiting for...

Posted on Nov 02, 2010
Haute Hijab Staff


The Haute Hijab team has worked tirelessly to launch the online store and we’re pleased to say the day is finally here. It is the beginning of an exciting journey for all of us and we could not be more ecstatic! We’ve heard from many of you and we will continue to listen. We understand your lifestyle, your uniqueness and most of all, your needs. Whether you’re a student, mother, working woman, or all three – we comprehend and appreciate what it takes to be you.

Our talented designers are hard at work finishing our Spring line. In our exuberance to revolutionize the world of apparel, we came to realize the most effective way to provide modest options for today's Muslim woman was to design the line in house. We recognize no one truly understands Muslim women and the nuances included in the way we dress than a Muslim woman herself. With our new business plan in hand, we tackled each obstacle head on and possess a newfound respect for the patience, perseverance and resilience it requires to launch a clothing line.

Today represents a milestone event in the world of fashion. Haute Hijab is a pioneer in the industry; a new kind of brand, where values and design meet. It is time Muslims are acknowledged as a viable, functioning segment of society whose needs are important enough to be heard and catered to in mainstream society. The time is long overdue and the necessity is overwhelming.

You will find our unique line of one-of-a-kind vintage hijabs available on this site with the clothing line to follow in the Spring. Don’t wait to purchase the vintage hijab you have your eye on, because once it’s gone, there will not be another! Looking forward, we hope our brand will inspire and excite. Please keep us in your prayers for a successful and rewarding journey for all of us as we build a brand just for you.

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Salam and best wishes from the Haute Hijab Team!