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Eid is Coming to Town #GiveEid Campaign by Rana from Eid Creations

Posted on Jun 09, 2016
Guest Contributor


What is Eid exactly? Ask this question to passersby and you may get quite a few puzzled looks. The words Christmas and Hanukah instantly bring to mind jingling bells and menorah candles, and Christmas time in particular is filled with months of festive music broadcast anywhere you may go and quite a few songs that get stuck in your head. Yet the word Eid may not evoke similar images and feelings of joy and merriment in those who do not celebrate it and, in fact, many non-Muslims may not know it is a holiday at all!

Eid may be a holiday virtually unknown to people you know well, such as coworkers, acquaintances, and even close friends—but it doesn’t have to be!

Eid may not have the trademark symbols of Christmas trees and menorah candles like Christmas and Hanukah, but it is a holiday filled with many of the same experiences of joy and togetherness. Muslims this year can take it a step further in expressing and sharing the happiness and generosity, already a part of Eid, with those around them by becoming a part of the #giveEid campaign.

What is the #giveEid campaign? It is a campaign challenging Muslims to give Eid gifts to their non-Muslim neighbors and those around them in order to help others recognize and appreciate our holiday and community in a positive way.

How do you get involved? Simply giving a gift to those around you, from homemade to store bought sweets, gift cards, etc. Eid Creations will be awarding prizes for creativity, such as best recipe, best gift package and most original photo. To enter for a chance to win, follow @eidcreations on instagram and submit a photo related to your gift, whether it's a picture of your gift or a selfie of you and your gift. Be sure to use the hashtag #giveEid to see all of the other submissions!

Make this Eid a memorable and fun experience for you and your family as well as those around you and help spread the word about the holiday that brings joy to so many Muslims every year. Bringing awareness to Eid can help to strengthen the bonds between Muslims and non-Muslims alike and help create a closer and understanding community. Help us achieve this goal and give Eid!

Watch this video for more information:

Rana from Eid Creations is an experienced party planner and a mother of three. She felt frustrated planning Islamic events such as Ramadan, Eid, Islamic new year, etc. and always had to improvise with what she could find. She tried to import items from the middle east but they were not modern and paled in comparison to what was out there for other holidays. That's when Eid Creations was born as she created party supplies for Islamic holidays that are both modern and appealing, so that children and adults can feel pride in celebrate their holidays. Her goal is to get Islamic party supplies in mainstream stores so that we as Muslims are officially part of our society's make up.

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