A Hijabi's Guide to Concealer - Melanie's Concealer 101

Posted on Dec 06, 2014
Melanie Elturk


I get a ton of questions about concealer and what products I use and how (my hereditary dark eye circles are horrendous) so here's my concealer 101!

Note: Before applying, make sure you have moisturized (with SPF!) and used an eye cream to give the skin under your eyes hydration. This will help the concealer not appear cakey. For more info on what eye creams/moisturizer I use, check out my Daily Skin Care Routine Post!

1) Makeup Forever Full Cover - this is the best, most industrial concealer I use. Put it on thin layers at a time, building until you have full coverage. Finish with a beauty blender/sponge to prevent creasing and a light layer of powder. Disclaimer: it's waterproof so careful with wudu! I usually use it when going out at night and make sure I have wudu before applying!

2) Bobbi Brown Concealer/Powder Duo - my favorite everyday concealer (it's not waterproof, I called the company!! Which is great, but you may need to reapply after wudu throughout the day). Apply after #3 with your ring finger in thin layers, blend delicately with a sponge and use the included powder to set.

3) Bobbi Brown Corrector - after eye cream, use this before concealer and set with powder. Choose a color that's a perfect match or very slightly lighter than your skin (I have two, one for my natural skin and one for when I'm tan!). This is also a great fix to keep in your purse and use to re-touch throughout the day. On days when I'm super lazy I use this alone.

4) MAC Studio Finish - another great everyday concealer. This one is creamier than the Bobbi Brown and a bit more industrial so you have to be really careful with creasing. Apply a very thin layer - a little goes a long way with this one! Use a beauty blender/sponge and powder to set in between layers to avoid creasing.

5) YSL Touché Éclat - my secret weapon! This is not a concealer it's a highlighter or brightener which I use throughout the day to freshen up my under eye area particularly if I've been out all day. Be liberal with it and blend lightly with your finger.

Voilà! More questions? Leave them below!