Spotted in a Haute Hijab - Lauleh of A Day in the Lalz!

Posted on Dec 04, 2014
Melanie Elturk


Meet Lauleh of A Day in the Lalz! We *love* all her spotted photos on her blog and had to compile them in one post! Be sure to check out her blog, facebook and instagram!

I'm the all American girl rocking the latest fashion trends with a modest twist. My roots are Persian, my beliefs are Muslim, but my heart is all American. I love the freedom of being able to practice my religion, wear my hijab, and express my personality through fashion. I’m a firm believer that a gal must always be put together at all times no matter her destination.

Haute Hijab is my secret ingredient to looking put together and stylish at all times.Since the beginning of HH - the vintage days - until now I have been a loyal customer and fan for one reason: quality. HH always delivers quality scarves that are stylish, affordable, and practical. I want my hijab to be stylish and practical to dress up or down when I’m at school, at work, traveling, at social gatherings, or just running errands around town. Another reason I’m devoted to HH is because I fully support a fellow Muslimah and their business - girl power! Melanie’s vision of HH and the brand which encompasses wearing the hijab and dressing modestly while maintaining individuality and fashion is commendable. I have countless HH pieces and think my collection will only keep on growing! 

The HH Essentials Perfect Everyday Scarf - Cranberry - original post

The Mocha Latte Scarf - original post

HH Essentials Perfect Everyday Scarf - Melon - original post

The Tropical Jungle Scarf - original post

HH Essentials Everyday Perfect Scarf - Navy - original post

The Fall Festival Scarf - original post

The Bird of Paradise Scarf - original post

Day at the Beach Scarf - original post

The Art Class Scarf - original post

The Midnight Peony Scarf - original post

The Underwater Fantasy Scarf - original post

The Strawberry Sundae Scarf - original post

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