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Haute Hijab Moves to New York City! Big Changes Ahead for HH!

Posted on Apr 13, 2016
Melanie Elturk


Salamu Alaikum everyone!

We are pleased to announce that Ahmed and I moved to New York City! After much contemplation, we made the decision to leave Dubai and move back home to the states. After four years in Dubai, it was the perfect time to close our living abroad chapter and come back home in order to be closer to our family and friends and of course - closer to all of you! With the vast majority of our customers residing in the U.S. we knew it was pertinent for us to be back here to adequately serve all your needs. We put a lot of thought into moving back to Chicago where it all started, but as we evaluated our goals and the vision we have for Haute Hijab, it became increasingly clear that the fashion capital of the world was the place to be!

Hamdulilah, we moved in this past week and what a whirlwind it's been! After the initial three-day unpacking fest (if you follow me on Snapchat, you know what I'm talking about!) we got straight to work. A journalist working with the French channel Canal Plus came into our home to interview me about the recent controversy surrounding the burkini being sold in Marks and Spencer. (You can view the full piece here). We then headed over to Uniqlo to show off the recent collaboration with Hana Tajima. The next day, I attended a Muslim Women's Creative event with some amazing powerhouse women here in NYC including Nzinga Knight, Mariana Aguilera from the Demureist (who also put the event together), Zahra from Mode-sty, Amirah from Amirah Couture and bloggers Sana Rashid (@sanahrashid) and Sobia Masood (@sobi1canobi) among many other amazing women!

Now, on to the good stuff and how our move affects you - our Haute Hijab customers! It was a terrifying decision, but Ahmed and I have both left our day jobs to focus on Haute Hijab full-time. I speak for both of us when I say it was not an easy decision. As you may have read previously, the law has long been a personal passion of mine and to leave that behind for now is terribly difficult, although, (I'm praying) probably the best decision at this time if we truly want to see Haute Hijab grow. The tougher decision was for Ahmed to leave his job in order to truly focus on this labor of love we started six years ago. That being said, it's make it or break it time for both of us and we've hit the ground running here in NYC, very excited for the future of Haute Hijab!

As for our products, the first thing on our list is making sure the essential products you love like Perfect Everyday solids, Viscose and Jersey Wraps are stocked up year-round in all your favorite colors. We're working hard to provide new hijab options including prints designed in-house (YES!) as well as innovative designs and finishes. We're also releasing a new collection of skirts (yes, the gingham ball skirt and circle chiffon skirts are finally being released!) very soon!

If you're not already following me on Snapchat @hautehijab, be sure to do so if you'd like to get in on the behind the scenes flow or generally see what I'm up to day-to-day. I've also made a resolution to be more active on YouTube, which is something I've been consistent with so be sure to check out the new videos on our channel! I also plan on keeping the 'Real Talk' livestreams going in order to continue to connect with you all on a deeper and more meaningful level. As always, our Instagram @hautehijab and Facebook pages are updated daily with loads of style posts, spotted photos and inspiring women.

To sum up, we're very excited to be here and cannot *wait* to see what the future holds for us. On another note, if you're from New York City or familiar with it please share your favorite places to eat, see and shop below - I cannot *wait* to explore all this amazing city has to offer!

Yours faithfully,