A Hijabi's Guide to Matching your Hijab to Your Outfit

Posted on May 29, 2014
Melanie Elturk


On facebook, we asked you what "A Hijabi's Guide to..." blog post you'd like to see next and an obvious yet great suggestion was matching your hijab to your outfit. Sounds simple, but if you're anything like me, you have those days when your outfit is perfect... until you have to pick out a hijab. Hopefully these tips using photos from my instagram page will help next time you find yourself in a sticky hijab-situation.

1) Solid on Solid

So this is an obvious fail-proof choice that looks good every time. Just make sure all the solid colors you're working with coordinate and you're golden.

Whether your bottoms are solid or printed, the solid on solid up top will still look great.

2) Printed Hijab on a Solid Top

If you're looking for something to go with your printed hijabs, one fail-proof option is to pair your printed hijabs with solid tops. Here, I coordinated the colors in the printed hijab with the skirt and belt.

I added this leopard print to the otherwise completely solid get-up featuring denim-on-denim and a trench to give it a little texture and dimension. The neutrals in leopard print look great when paired with other neutrals, light or dark.

I coordinated the print below with the blue polka dot pants, and as you probably know by now, white collared shirts are my best friend when it comes to dressing - one reason is because it gives you infinite options when it comes to printed hijabs!

3) Solid Hijab on a Printed Top

Another fail-proof option is pairing a printed top with a solid hijab. The detail and overall busyness of the lace top and necklace made me go with the solid hijab. I originally tried a printed hijab with the ensemble but it was just too much. Once you've found that money-color that looks beautiful on your skin tone - don't be afraid to reach for it over and over again. For my olive skin tone, it's this subtle beige that I wear a TON and always looks great.

This solid hijab was a no-brainer with this polka-dot top. I honestly can't think of any printed hijab I own that would look good with this top so I kept it simple. Sometimes simplicity is just the best way to go.


4) Printed Hijab on a Printed Top

A while back I did an entire blog post solely on how to wear a printed hijab with a printed top and in it I detailed 3 basic rules to follow that will almost always do the trick and prevent you from looking like an explosion of prints. (Read the full post here). 1) Wear something solid to break up the prints; 2) Keep the prints in the same plane; and 3) Keep the colors in the same family.

For this look, the grey blazer breaks up the prints from being too much (Imagine a long-sleeved striped top with this floral hijab.. wouldn't look as great). The colors are also in the same family and stripes + floral is always a great idea ;)

The print-on-print works in this look because the prints are broken-up by the white collared shirt; the colors are in the same family and the geometric shapes are also in the same plane. I love when fashion is effortless - you can throw anything on and it looks great - but when it comes to printed hijabs and printed outfits it takes a little bit more contemplation than that. Throwing on a leopard scarf and floral top just doesn't work. Ever.

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