Haute Hijab 'It Girl' Farah Answers your Questions!

Posted on Jan 09, 2014
Guest Contributor


Recently, we asked you to submit any and all questions for our current 'It Girl' and she's answered them all for you here! Have another question? Ask below or e-mail us at blog@hautehijab.com!

How did you get started with blogging and everything?

I did not have the intentions of becoming a fashion blogger. It was just something that happened out the blue! I remember being at the library with my best friend during the summer of 2011 and we were so bored and didn’t want to study. So I somehow ended up on Tumblr and we just sat and browsed through different fashion blogs for hours. I ended up going home and making my own Tumblr blog. I used it for a while but then forgot about it. A couple months later, I logged back on and noticed that my page had gained so many views, followers, and re-blogs. A large amount of hijabi girls started following me on my blog from around the world, commenting on my outfit posts, asking me for tutorials, and reblogging my photos. This really encouraged me to start posting more hijabi fashion posts to inspire other girls from around the world!

How do you manage a social life and studying?

Hmmm… I don’t! LOL. It’s really hard, I don’t go out much and even when I do, it’s only once every couple of weeks! I always put school first no matter what. I’ve even missed some of my best friends birthday parties because I had to stay in and study all day for a big exam. My best advice is to work hard now so you can have fun and play later.

Can you please make a list of must-have clothing items? PS: I love you sooo much even if I don’t know you and you’re sooooo inspiring to me!

Awww!! Thank you so much! Hahah I love you too! Well since it’s the winter I’ve put together a photo of must have clothing items for the cold weather!

Winter Must Have Items

How do you make time for nursing school and fashion blogging!? I was so busy during nursing school. You make it look easy mA!

It gets overwhelming sometimes but I still manage. This past fall semester I was only taking two classes so I had a lot of free time and was able to stay updated with my fashion blogging. I had already finished many of the required classes for nursing school when I received my first bachelor’s degree, so I did not have to take many classes this semester. I got lucky this semester and was able to spend a lot of time on my fashion, but the upcoming winter semester is going to be a lot tougher.

How do you keep your skin so flawless? What products do you use?

My skin is totally not flawless haha! But I do try to take good care of it to avoid breakouts. Try not to wear foundation when it’s not necessary to avoid clogging up all your pores. I use the Clarisonic when I wake up, and again before I go to bed. It’s the best thing I’ve ever invested my money in!! You won’t regret buying it. I also use a face scrub to exfoliate my skin. Whenever I randomly get pimples I use a spot cream by Neutrogena. I recommend drinking a lot of water and staying away from too much sugar and you’ll eventually see changes in your skin.

What would you wear when a guy comes to ask for your hand in marriage? Can you give me examples of outfits?

I’ve created two different looks that you could wear for this special day! The first look includes the black Sophia Gown that can be matched up with any scarf or wrap from Haute Hijab of your choice. To keep the look simple I added a gemstone embellished belt with a crystal cross over the bracelet and a pair of black pumps. Simple, elegant and classy! I put together the second look using the Polished Peplum red skirt from Haute Hijab and matched it up with their ‘Pretty in Polka Dots’ scarf (hijab can be replaced according to your preference) and a cream blouse with a beaded collar necklace from Haute Hijab as well! Both looks can be worn with either felts or heels.

What to Wear

Does it bother you when others on Instagram copy your looks and try to dress like you?

Any blogger that gets bothered by someone who is inspired by their look should just stop being a fashion blogger right now lol!! The point of a fashion blogger is to inspire others; you should want other people to “copy” your looks! I get my fashion inspiration and looks from everyone I follow, so I would hope that everyone else that follows me is following me for the same reasons. It is very flattering when people dress like me!

How old are you? Are you married? CURIOSITY!

I am 22! Haha marriage? Nope, who has time for that?! :D

Can you get me Starbucks and come over?

Brb, on my way!!

Why are you so adorable? That’s a legit question lol


How tall are you?


I love your everyday makeup; can you please list your everyday products with a picture? I love your look its so pretty, natural and very hijab-friendly.

Thank you!! Two products I use daily are my Bare Minerals make-up and Loreal—True Match concealer. You can find the concealer at any drug store like CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens and it is only around 7$! I’m not a big fan of using liquid foundation because it is too thick and heavy. Bare Minerals is very light and my face can actually breathe when I’m wearing it. It also gives you a natural look, as opposed to a flawless wiped out look that foundation gives you—we all have flaws and trying to completely conceal them isn’t realistic. I will usually only wear liquid foundation if I have a big event such as to a wedding. My favorite mascara is Bad Gal Lash and my favorite drug store mascara has always been the Colossal Volume Express by Maybelline. When I’m going out to eat or just hanging out with friends I’ll use my Stila liquid eyeliner, a simple light eye shadow called Milani Eyeshadow that is also found at any drug store and I buy it in the Beach Sand color; it looks very pretty and makes your eyes twinkle when you wear it! I sometimes use my pearl beige eyeliner from Sephora under my eyes. For my lips I just use a moisturizing lip balm (found at any drug store), my lips are big LOL as you can tell, so I don’t really care about wearing a color, I’d rather keep them moisturized and have that natural look.

Everyday Makeup

Who is your fashion inspiration? Mashallah you are a great inspiration, Inshallah more success reaches you!

Thank you!! I get most of my inspiration from other hijabi bloggers I follow on Instagram. I’ve listed my favorites in the next question!

What are your favorite Instagram accounts?

My favorite Instagram page is @sunwithoutaflame. I’ve been following Mia’s page for a long time and I just love her style; it is very unique and I really enjoy browsing through her different looks! Some of my other favorite Instagrams are @hijabhills, @hanihulu, @sanias, @thatgirlyusra, @my_pinkelephant, @shahad_ik , @ala_ik, @mariaalia and of course @hautehijab ;)

Farah in the Arctic Chevron Haute Hijab. Follow her on Instagram @farah_jay

What is the best advice you could give to a girl who wants to start her own hijabi fashion blog? I love your style by the way! :) You’re a depiction of how Muslim women can be modest and stylish at the same time!

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! My best advice for a girl who wants to start her own hijabi fashion blog is to stay consistent. What I mean by staying consistent is stay true to your personal hijabi style and show your followers that it is possible to be confident, fashionable, and modest. Everyone appreciates a hijabi who can be fashionable yet stays true to her religion and beliefs. Furthermore, have the intention to inspire others rather than merely doing it to get more likes and followers. Your passion shows through in the pictures you post, so if you truly love using fashion as a means of motivating others, people will see that and appreciate your style. Moreover, as Muslim women, we claim to wear hijab because it empowers us and raises our status—it helps us fight against the superficial culture that values looks and body over brains. Don’t let the superficial culture that we criticize become your hijab, don’t let our hijab become superficial and oriented around looks. Show other girls that it is possible to be fashionable and show your personality through your clothing while also covering your body.

Hey Farah, I just wanted to tell you that your name truly fits you, that smile you always have on your face shows pure happiness and joy. Lol. Mashallah.

Thank you!!! I try my best to fit the meaning of my name :D

Farah's reign as 'It Girl' will be over soon! If you have any other questions, ask them below or e-mail us at blog@hautehijab.com. We'll miss you Farah!