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10 Muslim Women Who Are Tearing It Up on TikTok!

Posted on May 04, 2020
Guest Contributor


By Bibi Watts

In a time where “stay at home” orders have seized our sense of freedom, and we are all reaching for ways to taste joy, I must admit that TikTok is one of the guilty pleasures I can always count on to lift my spirit. Since it launched in 2016, it has become an app staple with over 1.5 billion downloads worldwide. What’s even more impressive? How hijabi Muslim women have successfully cracked the code to become household names in TikTok.

In case you didn’t know who’s who in the TikTok world, especially when it comes to its dynamic Muslim presence, we have done the work for you! This multifarious list includes 10 top hijabi TikTokkers whose humor intersect dawah, modest fashion, sports, makeup tips, awkward sarcasm and so much more. You may be thinking, do I want to be on another social media platform? Um, yes! It’s the addictive escape you didn’t know you needed. Click through the gallery to learn about these dynamic women!

(Please note  the names listed are these ladies’ TikTok handles.)

Bibi Watts was born in Philadelphia and raised in Houston. She is an established poet and performing artist now enterprising as a public figure and resistance blogger. Bibi is author of a forthcoming and highly anticipated book of haiku.